Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Website and Parenting with an Attitude on ebooks!

Parenting with an Attitude
Now available as an ebook! Buy now on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!

I am writing to let you know that my book, Parenting with an Attitude.... 21 Questions Successful Parents Ask Themselves is now available in electronic form on many great emarket sites, including and Barnes&Noble. Follow this link or click the book above to learn more.

 I want to also let you know about my new and improved web site; same link, new look. But now you will find a lot more content than before. When you go to you will find around 50 articles I have written on a number of subjects such as some very important differences I see between punishment and discipline, and a number of false assumptions many parents I believe make about their role and responsibility as a parent.

You will also find many articles devoted to sharing with you some of my observations I have from my 40 years in private practice. “21 Habits found in Healthy Marriages”, and another series of articles entitled, “Making your Marriage Work, Without Making Work of Your Marriage” are two subjects I hope you will find helpful and of interest. In addition, I will be adding more of my thoughts and ideas on these and other related topics on a regular basis.

Writing for me is the easy part of the process. Marketing what I have written, well that’s another thing. So if you find my book and web site helpful and you think others might too, I would very much appreciate your sending the link to my web site to them.

 I promise no salesman will call, I won’t sell your e mail address and everything you find on my web site is offered free of charge! Thanks for your interest and help. I do appreciate any effort you might be willing to make.

Ed Wimberly, Ph.D.