Monday, June 1, 2009

An introduction to excerpts from Parenting with an Attitude

It's likely that many of you parents out there could be interested in some of my ideas that relate to parenting and the notion that our attitudes toward our little kids is every bit as important as the parenting approach we've chosen to parent by. But some of you might not be SO interested that you would be motivated to buy the darn thing. And that's ok, since I wrote it not so I could give up my day job, but because I am so very convinced that the attitudes we have and convey toward our kids plays a major role in who they will become.

If all you do is occasionally tune in to consider some of the ideas in my book via the short and limited excerpts I will post here-even if you never buy the whole thing-then I will be a happy camper! Of course if after reading some of the postings here, you decide it might be worth your while and a few hard earned bucks to buy and avail yourself of the whole cover to cover book, then I'd REALLY be a happy camper.

Either way, I hope you will follow along here once in a while, and that you will be challenged to look a little more closely at the attitudes you carry and convey toward your little ones. What we communicate to them goes a very long way in shaping how they view and value themselves.

In addition to an occasional short excerpt gleaned and posted here, you will find what I hope will be several questions designed to stimulate thought and perhaps conversation with other parents as well.

As always, feel free to weigh in with any comments you might have in response to the ideas I will be presenting here.

Ed Wimberly, Ph.D.

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